Throw Down Productions presents  a Legend 44 production of a Robert Fleet Film:  Last Mountain
The Story

Reflections of a UnicornThe UNICORN is 1000 years old - time for him to die. He has to cross Los Angeles to one, last mountain - but he no longer has the strength to remain invisible.

And he is seen by KARUS (Soon-Tek Oh), a homeless man with a forgotten past that his friend, Doa Sylvia, says "is too terrible to remember."  Karus accepts the charity of Doa Sylvia and her niece, ANNUNCIATA (Lorina Zapata), as he searches the city for what may or may not be a dream of his imagination.The Dreambreaker and Annunciata

Annunciata has her own problems:  the ghetto-born teenager is no match for the Immigration officer known as 'THE DREAMBREAKER" (Dan Riordan):  she is legal, but cannot produce immediate proof.  The Dreambreaker wants to make a media example of Annunciata and her LOW RIDER cousins he plans to arrest the girl and ship her down to Mexico the next morning.

Karus changes all bets:  he comes in the middle of the night announcing that Annunciata is a "Lady Fair" ("You need a Lady Fair to find a Unicorn," he has read).  He steals her away one step ahead of the Dreambreaker's arresting officers.Karus resuces the

Within hours it is a 3-way search:  Karus and Annunciata look for the Unicorn, the Low Riders search for the missing girl and the Dreambreaker sets up a police dragnet after them all.

The Unicorn is almost caught once, close enough to make the reluctant Annunciata truly believe in the quest. But Karus does not see the Unicorn anymore they have not reached the Last Mountain where the Unicorn must die.  Years of homeless alcoholism bring doubt creeping into his heart.  He finds himself following the girl who he had intended to lead. Her newfound belief is their only guide.

3 Way SearchA slip:  mountain Police spot the man and girl - the Dreambreaker's men surround them inside a cabin. Only luck lets Annunciata escape. She waits for the Unicorn and he comes - but he needs a "Rider,"
such as Karus, for the Last Mountain. Separating from the Unicorn, Annunciata goes down to the town where Karus is held prisoner, finds her Low Rider
cousins, and creates an escape plan.

Karus is freed by a combination of Annunciata's wit and the Low Riders' driving skill. On foot, the man and girl return to the mountains where the Unicorn waits.  And the Dreambreaker has no doubts where they will go.The Chase is on

A chase. The fugitives elude capture until they almost reach the Last Mountain but Karus and Annunciata cannot escape across a flat-bottomed valley: OFF-ROAD VEHICLES, engines ugly growling, trap them, violently encircle the two, tighter -

Only a Memory

With a leap the Unicorn races down to them, followed by a cavalry-charge of Low Riders. The clash is fierce, giving Annunciata & Karus the chance to ride the Unicorn up to the Last Mountain.

Where the Dreambreaker waits. He cannot see the Unicorn.

The dramatic conclusion, an intense turn of events, creates an experience of unexpected emotions and breath-catching intensity as Karus, Annunciata and the Dreambreaker meet on the Last Mountain.

And a memory.


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