Throw Down Productions presents  a Legend 44 production of a Robert Fleet Film:  Last Mountain
The Book

Book Cover Image"Exciting chases and fascinating characters you want to stay with."
-Brian Sorrel This Week

"Don't put it down: every chapter is a new surprise."
-Curtis Reems BookTimes, Daily Press

"Low riders and a Hollywood Unicorn -  well, that's Southern California."
-Marla Wertin ArtStyle (L.A.)

"We need to listen to those who are on the front lines of the battle, to those who seek to unite rather than divide."
-Senator Barbara Boxer (California) after a reading at the Roundtable Conference on Youth, Violence & Crime

"An adventurous fantasy - the romantic wish for a happy ending fights against all of history and society - and wins on its own terms."
-Kyra Behn The Observer

Last Mountain is available for order at all Barnes and Nobles
and Borders Locations, or at


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